Europe 12 Day Campervan Adventure

Sometimes Plan But SomeTimes Wing It

Travel Europe With Us


Ready for the adventure to begin

Well, after lots of planning and time spent getting our van ready it was finally time for our first trip to Europe in our camper. It was also to be the first trip lasting more than a few days, which we were both excited about as well as a bit curious…what would it be like? What will we struggle with? Will we still be speaking to each other at the end when we’ve spent every day in a pretty small space? The good news is yes we did come back still speaking and in fact celebrated our first wedding anniversary while we were away (more on what we got up to that day later in the blog). But overall we have to say we just absolutely loved the whole trip! It really was fantastic, and it was a pleasure to stay in our van. We asked ourselves towards the end what changes we would make to the van now in hindsight, and the list really wasn’t anything significant.

We hope that our blog encourages others to get away in your vans and that sharing our approaches and thoughts on what we did is of use to you!

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